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YouTube Termination 😢

UPDATE: our YouTube channel has been terminated permanently with no possibility of being reinstated.

Unfortunately our YouTube channel has been terminated permanently. YouTube ruled that our content violated their sexual content and nudity policy. Our YouTube channel will not be coming back so we are now hosting the videos directly on our website. Please bear with us while we put our video content back up on the website. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, we know how much our 70,000+ subscribers loved our videos and our products.

Here at Best Sex Dolls, we are not only just selling sex dolls. We want to help remove the stigma around male sex toys and male sexuality. Even more than that, we want to help remove the taboo nature surrounding sex toys and sexual content in general. We all want and need sex and everyone knows it, but Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube do not allow us to advertise our dolls or other sex toys on their platforms.

Thank you for your understanding.

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