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YouTube Termination 😢

UPDATE: our YouTube channel has been terminated permanently with no possibility of being reinstated. Unfortunately our YouTube channel has been terminated permanently. YouTube ruled that our content violated their sexual content and nudity policy. Our YouTube channel will not be coming back so we are now hosting the videos directly on our website. Please bear […]

different types of sex dolls

Different Types of Sex Dolls

We’re glad you finally prioritize your sexual needs over the social stigma and decide to buy a sex doll. However, as a first-time buyer, you are likely to be unfamiliar with many facts about sex dolls, such as the types of sex dolls, their prices, how to care for sex dolls, which positions to try […]

3 different models to design sex doll in Best Sex Dolls

Debunking Top 10 Myths About Realistic Sex Dolls With Sex Dolls Facts

Lifesize or realistic sex dolls have literally become a rage in the past years for various reasons. These adult dolls allow people to explore their sexuality without being judged, fulfill their kinky fetishes and satisfy themselves sexually, among others. Although taboo and stigma associated with sex dolls and sex toys has shrunk substantially over the […]

A girl holding the silicone adult doll

Step-by-step Guide to Find Perfect Silicone Adult Dolls in 2021

So you are either not happy with your sex life or your partner or just want to explore your sexual fetishes! Whatever the case, we’re glad you’ve finally agreed to buy adult silicone dolls! There are very few courageous individuals like you who truly appreciate the value of sexual needs and make them a priority […]

An interesting creative of a sex dolll position

7 Steamy Sex Positions To Try With Your Sex Doll Tonight!

Why do we buy a full size sex doll? Either to satisfy each of those sexual cravings that we cannot avail from our partners for any reason or to get the ultimate pleasure or once in a lifetime experience of sex by performing a slew of kinky and raunchy kinds of sexual stuff with sex […]

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